Monday, November 12, 2012

Exploring the Project Tomorrow

“Learning in the 21st Century Mobile devices + Social Media = Personalized Learning” reports as many as 67 percent parents claim that their children have personal smartphones. This is not surprising to me because I have noticed similar percentage of students in my class who have smartphones. I do agree with some of the concerns regarding allowing students use their own mobile devices, like, providing equitable learning environment for all students who do not have access to these devices, student Internet safety and potential distraction that these devices can cause in the classrooms.

The young students today, are concerned of their own learning and feel that “no phone” policies of the schools are limiting them from accessing information. They want to direct their own learning and ask of the administrators to be assured that they want to learn in different ways than in the past, at their own pace and any time they want. The students are aware that the mobile devices can be distracting in the classrooms but the advantages outweigh them.

I think the programs like Teach2learn have a great potential to provide the students with great opportunities to learn how to collaborate with other people, mentors, who can help them climb up their careers, while teaching the much needed and valuable lessons in math and science in elementary schools, acquiring skills like public speaking, team work and leadership and gaining experience in the filed they want to pursue in the future. I would collaborate with the teachers at my school site to explore the venues of starting this project. I would also introduce the idea to the students  and get their feedback. 

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  1. Hi Smita,

    The use of mobile devices in the classroom can definitely benefit the students if implemented thoughtfully and correctly. It’s interesting to see these surveys that report that students really are involved and engaged in directing their own learning. It’s unfortunate that some teachers are convinced students need to be coaxed or force-fed to learn. I didn’t quite get the idea of what Teach2Learn was about from your blog post; it would be fun to hear more about the project, what it implements, and what kinds of things it accomplishes.